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My name is Samis Rashid

My name is Samis , I am qualified foot Health professional in Bedford trained to diagnose and treat feet conditions , I use title FHP, MCFHP-MAFHP.

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My Story

I  have experienced foot conditioned  of athletes foot which lasted for more than 2 years . I was treated by my Gp and referral to primary care trust where my condition was worsening. Due to frustration I took a step to find cure or remedial treatment that can relief the itchy and painful experience. I researched about foot care treatment and other way of treatment, with my little biology used baby powder instead of cream which was prescribed by my Gp and it worked for my feet .


I then realised that if you remove moisture from the equation the fungal cannot survive. From that day  I prevent athletes feet conditions by drying my feet thoroughly and changing cotton socks daily. That where my passion for foot care treatment started . Samis foot care was born making difference to people’s life ,putting a smile on someone’s face is a rewarding experience. 



Member of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals (BAFHP)
The SMAE Institute 

The British Association of Foot Health Professionals (BAFHP): This is a professional association in the UK that represents and supports foot health practitioners. Members of the BAFHP are recognized for their commitment to high standards in foot health practice, including adherence to guidelines for hygiene and sterilization, ongoing professional development, and the provision of comprehensive patient care.


Diploma In Foot Health 
The SMAE Institute

The SMAE Institute: Founded in 1919, The SMAE Institute is one of the leading training providers in the field of foot health in the UK. The Institute offers a range of courses for individuals who are entering the field or professionals looking to expand their knowledge. Graduates of the SMAE Institute are known for their comprehensive training and high standard of practice. The Institute also works closely with the British Association of Foot Health Professionals.


Samis is a registered member of The British Association of Foot Health Professionals and is bound by Code of Ethics, Rules of a Association and is professional insured for year indicated by the Membership Card.

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